During this unprecedented time when COVID-19 remains a risk to us, we have had to alter our practise and ways of delivering our service.

Both physiotherapists and clients have a responsibility to play their part in reducing any risk.

We know that COVID-19 can be transmitted in the air as well as on surfaces.

We also know that certain groups of people have a higher morbidity and mortality rate, these are:

  • Older population (over 70 years)
  • Men more than women
  • BAME
  • high BMI
  • People with a weakened immune system


The following conditions would put you in the High Risk Category (Extremely vulnerable)

  • Organ transplant
  • Current cancer treatment
  • Severe lung condition (e.g. Cystic Fibrosis, Severe asthma, severe COPD)
  • High dose of steroids or immunosuppressants (which increases the risk of infection)
  • Serious heart condition
  • Pregnancy


The following conditions would put you in the Moderate Risk Category (Vulnerable)

  •  Over 70 years
  • Lung condition (e.g. asthma, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis – not severe)
  • Heart disease (e.g. heart failure)
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Liver disease (hepatitis)
  • Some neurological conditions
  • Prone to infection
  • Taking any medication that can affect the immune system (e.g. low dose steroids)
  • Obesity


You should not attend any appointment if you have any symptoms of COVID-19:

  • High temperature
  • New, continuous cough
  • Loss or change to your sense of taste or smell)
  • You have been in contact with a known COVID-19 case in the last 14 days.


We would recommend the government’s website for all up-to-date information:


In order to reduce any risk, we have taken the following steps:

  • As much information as possible will be taken over the phone
  • On arrival you will be screened for any COVID symptoms (including a temperature check)
  • Social distancing will be adhered to as much as possible.
  • PPE will be worn when coming within 2 metres
  • All surfaces and equipment will be cleaned after patient use

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